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Areflection on interreligious dialogue in Africa today would not overlook the colonial history and the Christian missionary activities in that continent. Even if we would take interreligious dialogue as an issue that - as everybody understands - should take place, we might not be too sure that there is a consensus on the issues of religious dialogue. If, for instance, we agree that dialogue should be an integral aspect of the Christian missionary action today, on which conditions are the religions in Africa ready for dialogue and which issues are they prepared to dialogue about? A critical look at the "religious atmosphere" in Africa today will reveal that "mushroom churchism" has created an atmosphere that makes nonsense of anything you could term interreligious dialogue. Even these Churches market themselves as Christian Churches, very often they teach doctrines that make interreligious dialogue almost impossible. We often speak of interreligious dialogue in a sense that includes what would properly be regarded as ecumenism. In most parts of Africa interreligious dialogue lays much emphasis on relationship with adherents of Islamic faith and African Traditional Religion. Our question is, what could be the content of interreligious dialogue between the many Christians, Muslims and adherents of African Traditional Religion in Africa?

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