Something Must be Wrong

Ani, Ikechukwu (2019) Something Must be Wrong. Godfrey Okoye University, Ugwuomu Nike, Enugu, Enugu.

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An insightful, thought provoking work about the nfused situation of things in the country. A t te where corruption and bribery have eaten so ep into the blood system of the natio~ that the uthor is frequently exclaiming "something must b wrong!" "Something must be wrong" is also the title of the work, and when something is wrong, then solution is sought to put things right. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Nigeria. We em to have landed ourselves in a state where the rats found themselves as they searched for a way of controlling one of their greatest enemies - the cat. One solution was agreed by all the rats and that is, to bell the cat. But one rat asked, who will bell the tat? At this point, all the rats took to their holes for none was ready to volunteer to bell the cat. Cats remain the greatest enemy of rats till ate. Have we landed ourselves in the same situation the rats found themselves? vii Titles like "The Logic of Self-destruction", "The manslaughter of Education", "Chief-Omego- Syndrome", "The Patriots of Doom", "The Holy Thieves and the God of Bandits", "The Banks of Bankruptcy", reflect the situation we described above. The last two chapters, however, insist that Nigerians as whole' should join hands to fight undignified, dishonourable and disrespectful life style. This is simply put by the author in this way, "Nigerians repent"!" This work is an eye-opener and is written for all. It is simply presented in a way that even elementary five pupils can understand. Other attractive aspect of the work is that the author makes use of stories and films we all know. He is, simply put, an honest writer who does not take hi r aders for granted; he tells us the source of hi in piration. Read and find out for yourself. Anthony C. Okeke Enugu, December 1996

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